Adkins Insurance & Financial Services, Inc.

Dear Wayne,

I would like to express my appreciation for your services when cleaning at our office location for the past 4 years.

The employees are friendly, professional and do a terrific job.

We appreciate the face that they frequently take the time to check their work to see that the job has been done properly.

Thank you for coming to our office in person and keeping in touch with us on a personal level. Your diligence and the special attention you give to Adkins Insurance is greatly appreciated.

I highly recommend DirtBusters for building maintenance services.

Ronnie Adkins, President

Barboursville Physical Therapy

Dear Wayne:

In regards to the cleaning services DirtBusters has provided to our physical therapy facilities in Barboursville, Hamlin, and Wayne, WV, for the past 10 years plus. We would like to extend our appreciation for a continued “job well done”. In addition to your consistent quality cleaning services, we have enjoyed the convenience of personal delivery of products such as trash bags, toilet paper, paper towels, etc.

The personal visits and timely follow-ups to services requested reflect the dedication of DirtBusters to ensure our satisfaction.

We would like to recommend DirtBusters for any janitorial services to other companies requiring their services or products.

Mike Kennedy. PT

Goulds Pumps
ITT Industries

Dear Wayne:

I would like to take a moment to thank you and your company for the wonderful job you are doing in our office. We have used various cleaning services throughout the years, but have settled on DirtBusters because of the excellent service and attention to detail your company provides.

Over the past seven years of doing business with DirtBusters, any issues that have come up have been addressed promptly and courteously. Through the use of the Communication Log, there is a constant, open line of communication directly with the cleaning staff that puts DirtBusters a notch above the rest. The monthly visits you make to our office enhance the benefit of constant communication that your company provides, along with personal approach to customer satisfaction.

The cleaning staff has always been friendly, personable, and professional. When we started our recycling program we failed to communicate the change to your staff. We received a call the following day from a member of the cleaning staff to verify the changes and to get further instruction. They are willing to adjust to our changing needs when they arise, and they consistently prove that they strive for customer satisfaction.

We truly appreciate the attention to detail, the great customer service, and the personal communication and attention we get from DirtBusters. We look forward to many more years of doing business with your company.

Shari Eshem
Buyer/ESH Coordinator

CityNet LLC

Dear Wayne:

I woud like to express my appreciation for your company’s attention to detail when cleaning our Charleston, WV offices. The cleaning crews that have worked at our offices are doing a great job. They are here when scheduled and work fast and efficiently. Whenever we have a special request your team takes care of it in a timely manner. They check with us frequently to be sure everything is on track and come by to see us in person. The open communication really helps us.

After a year into our contract with DirtBusters, I am still very comfortable with our decision to give our business to DirtBusters. The special communications notebook used to show any areas that need special attention are part of the “whole package” that have led me to recommend your company.

We find the DirtBusters’ staff to always be pleasant, professional, and personable. They are willing to adjust to our changing needs when they arise. and they constantly strive for customer satisfaction through consistent quality.

Thanks for the great job you’re doing. We are very pleased with DirtBusters and look forward to using your service in the future.

I highly recommend DirtBusters for all building maintenance services.

Carolyn R. Barr, Vice-President

West Virginia Laboratory Services

March 22, 2010

Dirtbusters Janitorial Services Inc.
6433 Rt. 60 East, Suite 100
Barboursville, WV 25504

Wayne Mayes:

I am pleased to be writing this letter as a testament of my gratitude towards Dirtbusters Janitorial Services. WVLS opened its doors in June of 2009 and for the first few weeks of operation we did not have a janitorial service. When I was looking at potential janitorial companies Dirtbusters was one of many I contacted for a quote. After meeting with four other companies and receiving quotes you were the last person to come that day. I recall how professional, reasonable, and accommodating you were towards the laboratory; and if those reasons were not enough once I saw the quote I realized how affordable your company was compared to others. In fact, Dirtbusters had quoted a lower price than three out of the four competitors but you also offered more services more frequently than the competitors. Lastly, you were much more professional than the competitors. With that being said I decided to use Dirtbusters and I have been a happy customer ever since.

Not only is Dirtbusters professional and affordable, but the cleaning staff is delightful. I have had the pleasure of meeting a few of the people who clean the building over the last few months and they have been wonderful. They have always been friendly and cordial and always do a great job. I just wanted you to know how happy I have been with Dirtbusters over the past few months. Thank you for all the hard work.

Joseph Maloney, MBA
Director of Operations

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