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Who We Are

DirtBusters' Core Values

Passion for Service:

We like to clean, we really do! We’re driven to be the best at what we do. Our work serving others is meaningful and rewarding. 

Honor Commitments:

At DirtBusters we take our work commitments seriously. We are committed to doing everything we can to help our cleaners be successful.  Through working together as a team, we can better serve our customers.  We choose to honor our customers, and ourselves, by doing what we say we will.

Choose Right:

As a company and as individuals, we want to make the right choices. To choose right means doing the right thing for our company, our customers, and each other. By living our core values, we will choose right.


Everyone likes to win. We achieve success when everyone benefits from working together. The customer wins when we provide quality, reliable cleaning services for a reasonable price. Our employees win with stable employment, opportunities to advance, and a fun place to work. DirtBusters wins when we provide meaningful service for a reasonable profit that supports the growth of our company.

Award Winning Cleaners

Why DirtBusters?

America's Premier Contract Cleaning Service

DirtBusters’ vision is to be America’s premier contract cleaning service, as well as one of the nation’s best employers. We will achieve these goals by recruiting great people and providing them with a work environment that is committed to:

“CPR” – Continuous Positive Reinforcement

DirtBusters values its’ relationships with our employees. We are committed to providing an atmosphere that is positive and supportive. We recognize that our success depends on our ability to hire, train and retain good employees. We understand that each person employed by DirtBusters is a valuable asset and that our team is only as strong as its weakest link. Our employees are the company’s heart and soul, and we will manage our people by applying CPR (Continuous Positive Reinforcement) to keep our heartbeat going strong. We will continuously look for people doing things right and recognize them for doing so.